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 Church Timeline Index (1856 - 1864)
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   1856 (March - August) A Growing Church
   1856 - 1859 Rev. Theophilus Jones
1859 - 1861 Rev. J. Perry
1862 - 1864 Rev. T.G. Entrekin

1856 (March - August) A Growing Church

The ordinance of baptism was first observed on March 9, 1856 in French Creek stream, since there was no baptistery in the unfinished church building. Those baptized were Caroline Mancill, John Nyman, William and Deborah Reagan, Mary Beeber, and Phoebe Ann Hall.

On May 17, 1856, Robert McNeely was paid $15 a year to be custodian for the church.

At a business meeting of June 14, 1856, Rufus and Anna L. Styer, a couple, were the first to be received by letter into the newly organized church. A communion set from the Franklin Baptist Church, of Philadelphia, was gratefully received at this time. The set was in use until 1904, when a modern individual set was purchased. The old set currently resides in an enclosed glass case on the back wall of the sanctuary. There was one record of the new communion set being loaned to people at Camp Sananac.

Samuel Bertolett, William Reagan, Jonathan Rooke, David Philips and Robert McNeely were selected as the first trustees, and admission was granted to the Central Union Association of Independent Baptist Churches. There are now thirty - one church members.

1856 - 1859 Rev. Theophilus Jones

There is very little description of physical attributes or personality traits of our early pastors. Most of this will have to be gleaned from what they did or was done for them. Rev. Theophilus Jones was the first permanent pastor who started his call in August of 1856. The main worship service was performed in the evenings. His yearly salary was $150 and he probably had to commute to church since there was no parsonage in the beginning. Even his means of transportation was supplied by the church because, on September 20, 1856, money was raised to purchase Rev. Jones a carriage. About a year later Rev. Jones lost the use of his carriage and another "good used carriage" had to be supplied for his use. Rev. Jones preached later at East Nantmeal in addition to his work at the church.

Another major contributing member of our congregation was Isaiah Guest who was received into the church fellowship on March 20, 1858.

On February 19, 1859, Rev. Theophilus Jones submitted his resignation, which was accepted effective April 1, 1859. After Jones left the worship service returned to the morning hours.

1859 - 1861 Rev. J. Perry
1862 - 1864 Rev. T.G. Entrekin

The second pastor of our church was "brother" J. Perry (the term "brother" was used affectionately for Christian men of the faith). He was procured on August 20, 1859 to preach twice a month for six months being paid $50 for his services. His term started on September 1. In February of the following year, it was decided to pay Rev. Perry $125 for the remainder of the year. After a year and an half, Rev. Perry resigned on February 23, 1861 effective March 1. He was yoked full time with Lawrenceville when he resigned from here.

By this year, the second floor of the church had been completed including a baptistery built by Samuel Shick, great grandfather of John Murray, the late husband of June Murray Favinger.

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