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 Church Timeline Index (1864 - 73)
SPECIAL NOTE: In the entries index shown below that are in bold
indicates there is no additional information for that period or
pastor as listed.
   1864 - 1868 Rev. Walker
   1868 E. P. Barker (Supply)
   1869 Rev. Strayer
1869 Rev. Kelsey
1869 - 1870 Rev. James Griffth

1870 - 1873 Rev. William Barrows (Early Years - Part A)

1864 - 1868 Rev. Walker
1868 E. P. Barker (Supply)

The following years and pastors have very little written about them. Quite frequently the morning services were filled by pastors of the surrounding churches. One such pastor Rev. Walker, on occasion preached from the pulpit before he was finally called as a permanent pastor of the congregation.

1869 Rev. Strayer

Rev. Strayer was another who preached at times and was asked to become pastor, but for some reason the congregation was opposed to his selection.

1869 Rev. Kelsey
1869 - 1870 Rev. James Griffth
1870 - 1873 Rev. William Barrows (Early Years - Part A)

One of our most influential and active pastors was Rev. William Burrows who accept our call of need June 12, 1870. He was ordained in the church during special service on August 18, 1870. At the end of his first year, an exhibition of the Sunday School was presented and proceeds went toward an organ fund.

In early 1871, a three member committee consisting of Samuel Bertolett, Charles M. Griffith, and pastor Barrows were assigned to write a history of the early beginnings of the church. Fence posts and rails were installed around the church and painted.

On April 15, 1871, a ill-fated financial resolution was developed that each member pay 25c per month in advance to meet the financial needs of the church. The resolution was revoked the same October, six months later. The ability to enforce such resolution was the death of it, especially since some members even at that time were unable contribute that much.

During the fall, the building of a parsonage was started. The following June 29, 1872, it was completed and Rev. Barrows and his wife moved in and took up residence.

On October 19, 1872, it was resolved to look for an adjoining lot on which to start a cemetery. John R. Hoffman offered a lot which was to the east adjoining the church. It was resoundingly accepted and bought for $300 on November 21, 1872. The committee who worked on finding the land was Edwin Morris, Rufus Styer, and John Liggett.

The new cemetery trustees were the three above mentioned along with Joshua Burgoyne and Pastor Barrows. They divided the cemetery into 8X10 foot size lots and sold them for $5 each. The lots were laid out to run in a east to west direction. The first burial was for a Miss Ida Wertz, daughter of Thomas Wertz, of East Nantmeal, who had died on July 11, 1873 of diphtheria.

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