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   1873 - 1874 Rev. William Barrows (Early Years - Part B)

1875 New Members

1873 - 1874 Rev. William Barrows (Early Years - Part B)

Rev. Barrows was a major temperance advocate and lead many a meeting on the subject. Many tracts on temperance were distributed as well.

Raising the money to pay Rev. Barrows his salary was quite difficult during these years, especially since he was being paid $500 a year which was probably the highest paid for a pastor by this time.

It was not infrequent that someone was selected to canvas for money to pay the pastor's salary. Despite the problem, everything seemed mutually agreeable between the pastor and the congregation.

The loving and thoughtful relationship between pastor and constituents can be seen in the surprise dinners, going away parties and helpful work for the pastor when the occasion arosed. One incident was when the congregation wanted to give Rev. Barrows a surprise Thanksgiving dinner in 1874. An elderly woman of the congregation, giving a reason for the pastor to stay indoors, so he would not be suspicious of seeing everything being setup for the dinner, said that it is a good time for people to get married and that she had an idea of getting married for the past 25 or 30 years. At the appropriate time, the pastor was called to join eating the bounty of food that was set. It was noted that a piece of celery glass over 140 years old that it should be cared for so it could brought out for use years later.

1875 New Members

One baptism took place Sunday April 25, 1875 in the French Creek stream. Chrissie Fertig, one of our church's great ladies, was received into the fellowship. Chrissie was the chairwoman for the Women's Missionary committee. She was a simple woman who was a seamstress and active teacher in the church. Her life time of leadership and teaching was so noted when she resigned her post as teacher of the infant department early in 1905.

The steps leading from the road up to the front of the church were originally made of sandstone and erected in 1875.

Line of Christians that became part of the church's history came about when David and Elizabeth Lockart were received into our fellowship. David is the great grandfather of our present day Clyde Lockart whose children are sons, James and Edgar, and daughter, Betty Houck.

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