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 Church Timeline Index (1876 - 83)
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   1876 - 1881 Rev. Wm. Barrows (Later Years)

1881 - 1883 Rev. David R. Landis

1876 - 1881 Rev. Wm. Barrows (Later Years)

There's no exact date or time when the sheds were erected where the congregation would hitch their horses and carriages on arriving at the church. Twice during their early existence, they have been blown down, both in the same month only two years apart. In October of 1876, a committee of Rufus Styer and Joshua Burgoyne were to see about reconstructing the sheds, then again in October of 1878, brothers William and Isaac Nyman were to obtain funds to fix up sheds. Around September 1898, $140 was raised to fix the sheds. At this time a new material, corrugated iron, was used in the roof of the sheds. This would reinforce the roof and maintain it for a longer period of time.

Earliest known organization of the church to work with missions was the Women's Mission Circle which started on November 7, 1878. Once again Chrissie Fertig was the first chairwoman of this important group. At this first meeting, Anna Still was elected secretary and Anna M. Ewing was treasurer. Some of the early members included: Sarah Guest, Mrs. Enos J. Bertolett, Abbie Bertolett, Dolphy Bertolett, Anna C. Styer, Margaret Morris, Sallie Bertolett, Nettie V. Barrows, Matilda Rooke, Mary Morris, Fanny Brownback, and Martha Chrisman.

In November of 1879, there was discussion of raising $1000 either for land on which a parsonage would be built or adjoined to the church. $900 was already pledged by 20 individuals with only $100 more to raise.

On May 15, 1880, Rev. Barrows acknowledged a bequest from the estate of Mrs. Chester Christman in the amount of $300. The bequest stated the money could be used to pay any outstanding monetary debt against the church, so the following April, Edwin Morris, a cemetery trustee, was appointed to use the bequest to pay off the amount owed on a burial lot.

Rev. Barrows gave his farewell sermon on July 17, 1881. He left to take a calling at Windsor Baptist in Eagle, PA. just eight miles south on the State Road now Route 100.

1881 - 1883 Rev. David R. Landis

On September 17, 1881, Rev. David R. Landis was procured to preach three consecutive Sundays starting on September 25th. He gave a rather enthralling recitation on Garfield's memorial as his first sermon the first Sunday. The saturday following the last of the three sermons it was decided to call Rev. Landis to the pastorate. Rev. Landis was ordained March 24, 1882.

Not much was recorded during Landis pastorate, but there were a number of conversions including some later day pillars of the church: Charles B. Morris, William J. Cochran, George Ewing, Harmon and Elizabeth Hughes, Edwin M. Wiley, Schuyler Wiley, Debby Potts, Clara Thomas, Adison Schick, Mary and Lizzie Mock, Ruth and Alferetta Bertolett, Annie Nyman, Elizabeth Benny, and Annie Miller. Some of the elected officials of the church were: trustees, Joshua Burgoyne, David Lockart, Harman Hughes, William Cochran, Charles Morris; treasurer, Edwin Morris; clerk, John Liggett; and deacon, David Scholl.

A humorous anecdote was told of Rev. Landis at the start of his pastorate. He was described as a bachelor, and not wanting to be "caught" by any singular women, had a very capable housekeeper in the form of his sister, Miss Emma, taking up residence with the pastor on his arrival to Pughtown.

By September 30, 1883, Rev. Landis gave his final sermon, and left for a call at West Chester, PA.

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