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   1883 - 1888 Rev. James H. Hyatt

1883 - 1888 Rev. James H. Hyatt

Rev. James H. Hyatt, an elderly man, preached a pair of Sunday sermons on October 21 and 28, 1883. He was well received and was asked to preach permanently. Having moved into the parsonage on November 21, 1883, a welcome committee had dinner prepared and hay and wood supplied for his convenience. His previous charge was at the Pequea church in Lancaster County for four years. The reverend was presented with a pieced quilt during his first Christmas at Pughtown.

In 1884, stone was donated from Jesse Hawley's property to build a dry wall along the north side of the cemetery by the road. The stone came from old dilapadated buildings on the Hawley property. Harmon Hughes, a newly acquired member, was responsible for building the said wall, being paid $13.75 for his work. During the year the Sunday school held a jug breaking contest to raise money toward this cemetery wall. Twenty-two jugs were sold and raised $53 towards expenses.

This same year $80.55 was raised for a new organ. The organ was bought only for $80.

At an anniversary sermon given by Rev. Hyatt, it was noted that eleven persons were baptized and two received by letters. Most of these converts could be attributed to the many revival meetings held here and other surrounding churches in the area.

A Christmas cantata was given on Thursday December 23 and Friday 24, 1886. The presentation consisted of 24 winter time characters which were some of the following: "Old Santa Claus", "Long Ago", "Queen Winter", "Storm King", "Jack Frost", "Four Winds", and "Four Shepherds". Although the "Storm King" seemed to have made a live appearance both evenings, the attendance was favorable.

At this time, David Scholl, another recent convert, presented a dozen new sing books entitled the "Glad Refrain". It was during Rev. Hyatt tenure that an active young people society which called itself the Mite Society flourished. It gave the young folks a chance to get up in front of an audience, usually youngsters of their own age. They would recited a poem or essay, or at times pair up and give a debate opposing two other youngsters on a given subject. More will be told later in this history.

A fence was erected on the south and east sides of the cemetery while a wire fence was erected in front of the church in 1886 and 1887 respectively. The cost of the wire fence was $90. Later in 1887 sandstone was obtained to replace the steps on the hillside in front of the church by the road.

By May 13, 1888 the date of Rev. Hyatt farewell sermon, there were 20 converts brought into the church, and a floating debt against the church was canceled. He was retiring after four and an half years at Pughtown. He left to reside at Pattenburg, Henderson County, New Jersey, where he would preach at Bethlehem Baptist church as well as Orient Baptist at Burrisville, Ocean County. He went to start his pastorate at these locations May 21.

Harmon Hughes was selected sexton for $35 a year. The sexton's job was to fix all minor repairs around the church and parsonage or to see that they were complete.

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