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 Church Timeline Index (1888 - 1900)
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   1888 - 1896 Rev. Wm. O. Owen

1897 - 1900 Rev. Wm. T. Johnson (Early Years)

1888 - 1896 Rev. Wm. O. Owen

On July 22, 1888 it was decided to call Rev. William O. Owens to the pastorate. He was to start August 16 on his taking up residence in the parsonage with a starting pay of $400 a year. With him came his wife, Rebecca, and children, Edith, Sadie and Mollie. Sadie would later marry George Wiley's son, Schuyler, and was listed frequently as organist or pianist for the church.

In December of 1888, the church members were invited in the organization of a Baptist church at the Falls of French Creek.

By the end of 1888, the following people were baptized or came into the church by letter: Jefferson Ortlip, John Thomas, Nathan Cook, John Y. Bertolett, Romanus Reigner, Florence Willauer, Annie Owen, Mary Buffington, Olivia Bickel, Clara Sellers, Susie H. Thomas, George Ewing, William Nyman, Walter Philips, Grant Detwiler, Bertha Detwiler, Bertha Liggett, Morgan Thomas, Carrie Scholl, Martha Scholl and Escoll Sellers. Escoll, later, became a seminary student and was given funds to help in his education. At times, he preached in the church too.

Members of the church decided to purchase ground for future use. A vacant lot across from the church was purchased for $400 from gentlemen by the names of Rupert and Philips. Later, when the transaction of the deed was concluded it showed the seller as John A. Rupert. This was around April of 1889.

In March of 1890, a piece of the vacant ground, which was bought the year previous, was sold to Isaac Scholl for the exact same amount. The remaining ground was fenced off as part of the parsonage. During the year of 1892, more converts were baptized and received by letter into the church: Levi Schoffner, Lily Murphy, Bell Sellers, Charles Bortz, Annie Montgomery, Edna Hawn, Ida Cook, Oliver Hoffman, and Mary L. Prizer.

In the March 18, 1893 church minutes, there is mention of a sale of personal things of Robert McNeely, who was an early church pillar. Some how the church got possession of McNeely affects and apparently were raising money for an unknown reason.

The passing away of Samuel N. Rowland, father of Rev. Judson Rowland, D. D., on August 7, 1893 and David Lockart on September 16, were noted in the church minutes of October 13. The tribute bears "testimony to the high social and religious character of these dear brethern - a character that was both an ornament and a demonstration of religion they professed."

On March 17, 1894, Fred Eggeling was hired as sexton, a position which he held for a number of years until early 1900's when Harmon Hughes was elected sexton. In January of 1898, the sexton's salary was raised from $36 to $40 a year for his "faithfulness and efficiency."

In a meeting of October 20, 1894, Rev. Owens emphasizes the need for the Sunday School to start at 9:30 A.M. sharp, as there was a good many people arriving late and interrupting the school. The pastor proceeded to give a miniature sermon on the adverse effects of lateness and interruptions caused by such persons. He encouraged the people attending the meeting to pass his word on to those who were not in attendance.

The building of additional sheds were erected at the cost of $125 in May of 1895. September 18, the pastor suggested to hold communion only once every three months instead of monthly. By the end of 1896, when Rev Owens quit his pastorate with Pughtown, he had lead the following to Christ as their Lord and Saviour: George Morris and Edwin, Jr., Mary Hewitt, Ada E. Davis, Elsie Morris, Elizabeth S. Rivenider, and Carrie R. High.

1897 - 1900 Rev. Wm. T. Johnson (Early Years)

On April 17, 1897, a call to Rev. William F. Johnson was given. He was paid $250 for a year's service: one being on Sunday afternoon and on evening during the week.

January 11, 1898, it was decided to elect seven trustees. Up until this time, the number varied from year to year, as few as three and up to six at times. It was also decided that the president and secretary of trustees were to take care of business matters.

On March 15, 1898, it was decided to raise pastor's salary $15 a year more and request that he stay on as pastor for another year. This made his salary $265 a year.

The sheds received another face lift. With $2.01 in donations, it was decided July 14, 1898 to build more sheds and a committee was assigned to raise the funds. By September $140 was donated and it was decided to use corrugated iron again in the construction of the roofs of the sheds. By March 21, 1899, cost of construction was found to be $189.17, and by January 17, 1900, the new sheds had been completed and paid for in full.

By 1899, the decision was made to look for an individual communion service set as well as two offering or communion plates. A change of election of trustees resulted in the choosing of two members per year for a three year term of office on a rotational basis. As of January 17, 1899, George Wiley and Fred Eggeling were chosen for 3 years, Debbie Potts and Oliver Hoffman for two years, and Joshua Burgoyne and Sadie Wiley for a term of one year.

The monthly congregational business meeting did not meet on a regular basis. This fact was discovered during a review of church records. On January 17, 1900, it was changed to convene on a quarterly basis rather than monthly.

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