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 Church Timeline Index (1901 - 13)
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   1901 - 1905 Rev. Wm. T.Johnson(Later Years)
   1906 - 1907 Rev. George W. Crane
   1907 - 1910 Rev. J. D. Clark
1911 Rev. Hughes (supply)
1911 - 1912 Rev. Hunter
1912 - 1913 Rev. Robinson

1901 - 1905 Rev. Wm. T. Johnson (Later Years)

A Reopening Service was held with services and activities that were went on all day. Memorials were given by Clifton Prizer; a table was given in memory of the Isaiah Guest family; and, by sons of Rufus Styer; a pulpit stand was given in memory of their father and mother. Recognition of work completed on the baptistery that was renewed and replaced was presented. As well, three persons were baptized that day.

For years before 1903, the pastor's salary was $300 a year; then for 1903 it was raised to $350 a year.

The sheds had to be repaired again. This time in June of 1904, the repair bill was $149. The bill was paid through a $30 contribution of the Ladies Aid Society, $25 collection and a $94 note. Fred Eggeling was paid $1.25 a day to clean-up the cemetery to prepare for the stone and metal railings fence being erected on the west side of the cemetery. It was completed by the end of the year.

On January 17, 1905, the first ushers selected were Oliver Hoffman and Lewis Miller. On September 5 that same year, the pastor and deacons with their wives were in charge of the 50th Anniversary celebration.

On December 26, 1905 Rev. Johnson resigned effectively until the end of the year. During Johnson's pastorate, the disposal of shrubbery from out of the cemetery and removal of a balcony in the upper sanctuary have been accomplished.

1906 - 1907 Rev. George W. Crane
1907 - 1910 Rev. J. D. Clark

For the year 1906, Chester Montgomery and Jay Rinehart were assigned as ushers.

On April 8, 1906, Rev. George W. Crane accepts the call as pastor to begin the first Sunday of May 6th. He was ordained in a special service on June 27, 1906. The former pastor Rev. William T. Johnson took part in the ordination.

The sexton's salary was raised $5 to $45 a year as of January 15, 1907, then in October, Rev. Crane resigned effectively October 27, 1907. In October when letters of dismissal were given to the out-going pastor and family, letters were also given to Mrs. Clara Easton and Fannie Crouse.

The congregation heard a sermon by Rev. J. D. Clark on November 3, 1907. A call was later extended to the pastor on December 15, 1907 for his services at $25 a month for a year.

During Rev. Clark's pastorate, Martha Parmley, H. L. Still and Bessie Murray were baptized and brought into the circle of believers. On December 12, 1909, a donation of $100 was given by the Ladies Aid Society for church improvements.

1911 Rev. Hughes (supply)
1911 - 1912 Rev. Hunter
1912 - 1913 Rev Robinson

From July 1, 1911 until August 18, 1912 was the period of Rev Hunter's pastorate. He was paid $275 a year to preach Sunday mornings and a mid-week prayer meeting.

Rev. Robinson was paid the same salary for a period of October 6, 1912 to December 31, 1913. Annie Miller was given a letter of dismissal to First Baptist church of Pottstown.

At the business meeting of January 20, 1914, a transaction of $5.50 was paid out from the Poor Fund for a bushel of potatoes, 2 1/2 bushel of corn, groceries, 9 1/2 pounds of bacon for Sallie Funk who was in need of food.

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