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 Church Timeline Index (1914 - 24)
SPECIAL NOTE: In the entries index shown below that are in bold
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pastor as listed.
   1914 - 1916 Rev. Samuel Neal
   1916 - 1918 Rev. Thomas Neal Jr.
   1918 - 1919 Rev. J. D. Bozarth
   1919 - 1921 Rev. James Kirby
1922 - 1924 Rev. Langford
1924 Rev. Harry Dickinson

1914 - 1916 Rev. Samuel Neal
1916 - 1918 Rev. Thomas Neal Jr.

Rev. Samuel Neal from South Amboy, New Jersey, was pastor from March 1914 to June 1916. During this time, he was paid $300 a year. Again, in 1915 the Poor Fund contributed $8.80 in groceries for Sallie Funk's use. The second Edwin Morris' wife, Elizabeth, had her letter transferred from Oaklane Baptist church on May 30, 1915. On January 17, 1916, letters of dismissal were given to Edgar, Amelia, and Kathryn Rinehart to First Baptist church of Pottstown.

A call was then extended to Rev. Thomas Neal, Jr. on October 29, 1916 "at the former salary together with house rent and Sunday evening collections." The previous was recorded during church business meeting of the same date. Rev. Neal's pastorate lasted about a year and an half.

1918 - 1919 Rev. J. D. Bozarth
1919 - 1921 Rev. James Kirby

On January 9, 1917, a decision was made to have worship service in the Sunday School room until April 1 because of heating problems. It was also decided to set a part of the sheds apart for storing cemetery tools.

Rev. J. D. Bozarth was paid $350 a year with house rent and conveyance. His tenure was from May 19, 1918 to March 30, 1919. Again, $5 was paid out of the Poor Fund for groceries for Sallie Funk during 1918. An organized social service group for the benefit of the community was begun in 1919. It was decided the service group would incur their own expenses.

Rev. James Kirby had a salary of $400 a year during his tenure, September 1, 1919 to September 1, 1921. By this time for comparison, the church was paying $13.95 for a ton of coal as recorded in church minutes of January 7, 1922.

1922 - 1924 Rev. Langford
1924 Rev. Harry Dickinson

When a call to Rev. Langford was given, it was possible only through the Central Union Baptist Association's loan of $400 toward Langford's first year salary with the church matching the loan amount for $600. His tenure was from January 5, 1922 to September 1, 1924. He was born in Canada and studied the ministry at Bucknell College.

In August of 1922 a committee consisting of Schuyler Wiley and Robert Potts had a proposal of land that was 150 feet west of the church costing $560 from Jay D. Tyson.

During 1923 several things were procured or developed. A sweeper, axe and hatchet were recorded as being bought for use of the janitors. A new heating system was considered. It was also decided to install electric lights as soon as the electric lines were erected which would come from Pottstown. A music committee was set-up with Ida May Cook as director of music, Mrs. Mary C. Morris as secretary and Robert Potts responsible for music distribution.

On April 17, 1923, Isaac Mourar was accepted for baptism. A special ceremony was held on November 22, 1923 to set Earl Webster apart for the diaconate. In the news article, which spoke of the above ceremony, said the presence of Rev. Langford added new life to the church.

The Poor Fund paid seven dollars for coal and one dollar for a doctor bill for Sarah Bertolett as recorded January 24, 1924.

After Rev. Langford left, Rev. Harry Dickinson preached a Sunday on September 7, 1924

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